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Body N Health 365

Body N Health 365 is a Skill Development program that is comprehensive and in-depth. Get real with health that matters to YOUR FAMILY and ask the relevant questions like; how much we know about our food. The best way to learn about food is by sharing with others who perhaps have similar experiences or problems. This virtual program will give you a vision of your good Body N Health for 365 days.

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Coaching Call with
Smita Karan

Duration: 20 minutes

Smita didi will coach you to know:

- Your current healthy reality check

- What is slowing your health progress

- How you can achieve good health

  • Every Monday between 11am to 1pm. If you do not show up to this session, you will not be able to reschedule. Share your health issues and decide if you want to begin Body N Health 365 program.



Image by Paul Hanaoka

Clarity Call with
Smita Karan

Duration: 35 minutes

Smita didi will give you clarity on:

- How much you know about your food, nutrition and your body

- Which food is best for you (Veg/Non-veg)

- What to include and exclude in food
- What is your different need from family

  • Every Monday between 1pm to 2pm. if you do not show up to this session, you will not be able to reschedule.



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Start Your Program with Smita Karan

Duration: 60 minutes

Smita didi will help you in starting your 5 day program towards good habit of eating right.
- No diet will be provided to you.

- You will get suggestion according to your current health condition.

  • Every Monday between 5pm to 8pm.


Rs. 2400/-

Smiling Brunette

Rose Wood, Manager

Smita is simply amazing with her amazing diets. Within 30 days of the program I already saw a positive change within myself. I want to carry this change 365 days a year and I am going to be healthy for ever.

Smiling Girl

Chole Grace,
Content Writer

Smita guided me for a life changing experience. I have spent many years of medication/ keto diet to assist me on my own, but I could not get better and then, I met Smita on Facebook that has changed everything to positive in my life.

Smiling Redhead

Sia Marshal, Dietitian

Before working with Smita, I was anxious all the time about many things in my life. Since working with her, I have been feeling amazing! I am now working towards my goals that fill me with much exictement and passion for life!

Woman Laughing

Sophie Sheer,
Medical Student

Thank you so much Smita for everything you have taught me in these 30 days. I have learnt so much from you and honestly you are one of the first people in my life that have genuinely made me believe in myself and me me feel capable of being healthy 365 days a year.

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