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We are a Not-For-Profit, providing preventive healthcare along with a therapeutic diet for nutritional support in treatments of various diseases & disabilities, undertaking obesity treatments, and aesthetic procedures, educating people on public health & social implications of an unhealthy body, also making available products with benefits of Ayurveda, sharing research-based information, making it universally accessible and helpful.

Wellness Coach

Smita has completed her Post Graduate Degree MSc. Home Science with food and nutrition as specialization.

She has expertise in 6 nutrition-related subjects:

(i) Basic Nutrition

(ii) Biochemistry

(iii) Human Physiology

(iv) Diet Therapy

(v) Clinical Nutrition

(vi) Diet in Diseases


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Activities to be carried out by Body n Health Wellness

Functionality You Will Love



To provide immediate assistance to people facing medical emergency and help them reach nearby medical centre / hospital



To compile list of patients who need regular life saving medical care (dialysis, chemotherapy, thalassemia, heart patients other such related medical needs ) and finding out regular status of their health and requirements and if need be help them to reach medical centres


Regarding Treatments

To compile list of patients who have been advised surgeries / urgent medical procedures and cannot further delay the treatment and to counsel them with the help of volunteers and if need be, getting them necessary permission and resources to continue the treatment



To compile list of all Central / State Govt helplines numbers, nearby list of medical centres, pharmacy stores, officials help numbers and make them communicated to people with the help of advertisements


Hospitals and Doctor List

To compile list of medical professionals / workers in the District (or nearby upto 10 kms) who can be contacted for medical help / counselling

Our aim is to build 12,500 Wellness centers across country:
Prime Minister
Narendra Modi

We Treat Diseases with

Therapeutic Diet

FREE magical diet is very popular because everyone wants to be healthy. Modified nutritious food according to body requirement are special. Get your diet from best dietitian in Delhi NCR Smita Karan.

Beauty in White

We Do


Slim body can reward you 

because these seven non-invasive, non-surgical, completely safe treatments start showing excellent results in first session of weight loss treatment.


We Try Reverse Sign of

Professional life is going to benefit when ultra-lifting therapy reduces sign of aging and gives beauty like teenager.

Aging is wrinkle, sagging and other problems, but NOT NOW!

Smiling Woman
Beauty Portrait

Skin Care

We do

Girls! have skin problems, it is time to get beautiful skin and start glowing.

Vitamin and antioxidant injections help in rejuvenating & stimulating skin cells to produce collagen and elastin for the beautiful skin you deserve.

We do

Face Care

Always look beautiful and young.


Dream is reality now.

Best face care center in Delhi NCR
Best hair care center in Delhi NCR

Hair Care

We do

Shampoo and Soaps are sometimes hard on hair, therefore Non-surgical, natural, alternative medical procedure solve all hair problems.

Dandruff, hair loss, hair thinning, hair damage, NOT NOW!


Diversity Students

We do

Guidance on dissertation and thesis writing from

certified dietitian Smita Karan

Mentor & educator on clinical nutrition,

​Students may learn how to do research design, research methodology,

data analysis, report writing and publication of paper.

Best Ayurvedic center in Delhi NCR

We do


Ayurvedic medicines are good in many ways. Ayurveda or Jadi-Booti may help immunity boosting and weight loss.

Corona virus or Covid-19 shall stay with humanity so shall the Ayurveda (Coronil Tablets manufactured by the Divya Yog Mandir Trust).


Blog to improve health


Pimples Acne

Ms. Nidhi

I got my confidence back with Ms. Smita because of her caring nature and support I glow with pride...

Aging problem

Ms. Yadav

Best time to get Anti Aging treatments is when you think and care for yourself. Today must be your best day, call Ms. Smita now.

Weight Loss at Body N Health

Ms. Puja

Overweight is a big problem for a teacher, not for me now. I am very happy and glad I met Ms. Smita, have you met her?

PCOD problem

Ms. Khurana

As a student I was not having good days because of my PCOD problem, but after getting proper treatment, now I am very happy.

Ozone treatment for hair regrowth

Ms. Amrita

Since my childhood I was suffering from Psoriasis, because of which I had bald head and after getting PRP treatment there are very good hair growth I have seen.

Community Empowerment Initiative


1. Changing sedentary lifestyle

2. Reducing risk from overweight

3. Improving nutritional value of your food

4. Undertaking primary prevention of cancer

Education & Research Foundation

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Organize Free Camp at your RWA
Call @ 9811575311

Community Empowerment Initiative
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