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We are a Not-For-Profit, providing preventive healthcare along with a therapeutic diet for nutritional support in treatments of various diseases & disabilities, undertaking obesity treatments, and aesthetic procedureseducating people on public health & social implications of an unhealthy body, also making available products with benefits of Ayurveda, sharing research-based information, making it universally accessible and helpful.


Wellness Expert

Smita has completed her Post Graduate Degree MSc. Home Science with food and nutrition as specialization.

She has expertise in 6 nutrition-related subjects:

(i) Basic Nutrition

(ii) Biochemistry

(iii) Human Physiology

(iv) Diet Therapy

(v) Clinical Nutrition

(vi) Diet in Diseases


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Our aim is to build 12,500 Wellness centers across country:
Prime Minister
Narendra Modi

We Treat Diseases with

Therapeutic Diet

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