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How to Bring!
Healthy change in your Life!

In 30 Days

Dietitian Smita Karan,
Founder & Mentor,
Body N Health Education & Research Foundation.

Welcome to
Body N Health Education

India's Unique training platform.

We believe that Coaching today is not just a profession, it is a life skill.
Women needs more coaching who are care giver to a family.
Women needs more coaching who are striving to get healthier everyday.

We are creating with focus on you to have a better health by using the power of quality health education.

A place you can call your University for personal growth.

This is the training ground for extraordinary women like YOU!

15 years of


We have the KNOWLEDGE you need.

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Backed by Research.
Proven by Results.

Discover the Art and Science of being healthy.
Used today by many women in the world,
giving their
family a healthy life.

What is new for you to learn?

Introducing Self Development Healthcare Education.
The First Official Certification Program By
Body N Health Education.

Join The First Training Program Of Its Kind.
Designed To Transform You Into A Knowledgeable, Confident, Highly Skilled Healthcare women of your family.

Watch One of Our Highest Rated 
Free Masterclasses

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Discover What To Give in Fever

Smita Karan

Therapeutic Diet to cure fever by Thought Leader & Best Dietitian in Delhi NCR.

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Learn the Fundamentals
of Healthcare at Home

Smita Karan

Fundamentals help you learn fast. Mastering your Life by Coach &
Best Dietitian in Delhi NCR.

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Discover the Psychology & Science of Creating Rapid Transformation

Smita Karan

Executive Wellness Expert, Author & Best Dietitian in Delhi NCR.

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Discover The Principles of Kitchen Management

Smita Karan

Master High  Performance Coach & Best Dietitian in Delhi NCR.

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Learn How To Do & Keep Things Organize

Smita Karan

Entrepreneur & Best Dietitian in Delhi NCR.

Explore Our Latest Coaching Guides

These in-depth guides are your answer to some of the most important questions you may have about your practice. Read, learn and share!

Food Photographer

Module 1

Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Essentials

Image by Gareth Hubbard

Module 2

Ultimate Guide on How to Organize

Image by Liam Truong

Module 3

Introduction of Certification

Image by Becca Tapert

Module 4

Ultimate Guide to Become Skilled

Books For You By Body N Health Education

The Book of Kitchen Skills

How To Be An Kitchen Expert, Upgrade Your Health And Cure Real illnesses!


The Business Book of Kitchen

How To Consistently Grow Your Knowledge And Impact Your Family Life.


What Our Students Are Saying

Smita Constantly inspire me!

Smita constantly inspires and educates me in exactly what I'm searching for to deliver more value to those I intend to serve. This exercise was simple yet crucial to getting any clarity on moving forward as a more impactful coach. Awesome!

Thank you for giving me this!

Thank you for sharing, empowering, staying connected with me through your daily e-mails, trainings and webinars. Above all giving me hope to never give up on my dreams even when experiencing challenges. Thank you for caring.

I have no words to express myself!

Thanks for your generosity on giving away wise advise and opening of eyes to kitchen that are starting their skills but do not know or find the required crucial tools to push ahead for many reasons.

Smiling Girl
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