​​​Our Self

As a Not-For-Profit brand, we understand an urgent need of socially responsible Health and Wellness Center in India to give preventive healthcare treatments in affordable price so that a healthy nation can be build. Being a responsible brand, in its various flagship programs, Body N Health started community development programs & spreading happiness and awareness along with educating people about, “how to maintain good health of family.”

There was a health survey by a prominent institute of India about Indian men and women growing overweight and obese, which is caused by their sedentary lifestyles – physical inactivity, unhealthy diet and bad eating habits. Everyone have to be more responsible in increasing awareness about various disease and problems associated with overweight and obesity along with the possible solutions to treat them.



Living in an uneven body shape puts a person at a higher risk of untimely death due to number of potentially serious health problems like, diabetes, mental stress, anxiety, heart attack, fatty liver, kidney malfunction, breathing problem, musculoskeletal disorders (especially osteoarthritis), gallbladder disease, infertility and various cancers.

As a responsible organization, we help people in making healthier choices along with non-surgical medical procedures, non-invasive health treatments that have helped many people in preventing and curing various serious health problems.



Our  Objective

We undertake preventive healthcare treatments, promote education on risks from overweight, obesity, improve nutritional value, primary prevention of cancer and other non-communicable diseases occur due to obesity.

Also, Identifying low-cost indigenous technologies to undertake obesity treatments, Lipolysis procedures, body contouring, body sculpting, aesthetic procedures and Ayurvedic treatments for those in needs, including those who can afford and also to those who cannot afford.

Also to promote, coordinate and foster the application of research on chronic diseases and disabilities arising due to obesity, improvement of nutritional status of the community, especially the obese people in community.



Our Vision

To bring positive change by year 2025 with the help of our Preventive healthcare Treatments and become an integral part of healthy nation. Educating our community towards healthy eating habits and giving our society ‘Obesity Free Nation’.



Our Values

Humanity: As a global citizen it is our responsibility to serve humanity by Care, love and affection.

Faith: Faith in Preventive Healthcare Treatments brings social changes and develop healthy personal choices.

Distinction: We have earned respect, appreciation, belief with our distinction in care giving.

Delight: Give a beautiful body as long as one lives because it is utmost delight.


Eat Right to Stay Healthy!