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Vacancy – Doctor

Location – Online

Experience required – 0 to 5 years

Job Description

  1. Assessment and treatment of skin and hair problems.

  2. Lead the clinic therapists staff

  3. Contribute in Preventive Healthcare Treatments

  4. Draft case studies, conduct research and write research paper

  5. Assist in policy documentation

  6. Part of quality programme as per functional need of skin & Hair department

  7. Study patient’s medical condition and design treatment plans

  8. Define risk level based on patients medical conditions

Requirement/ Qualification

  1. Qualified Doctor

  2. Proficient in using computer and its applications

  3. Good verbal and written communication skills



Position - Associate Marketing (Male/ Female)
Location :- Online

Experience :- 3 to 5 years

Job Description

» Create and implement marketing strategies and campaigns to strengthen brands and drive online bookings

» Forecast, develop and manage budgets for campaigns and promotions

» Create and manage relationships with clients and partner groups

» Research market trends and adapt strategies to leverage that information

Requirement/ Qualification

» A bachelor’s degree in marketing or a related discipline is typically required for this position
» Knowledge about Health & Wellness industry in India and abroad
» Any Experience in  Sales & Promotion will be an additional advantage


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