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Smita Karan best dietitian in Delhi NCR

Her helping and supportive nature has benefited many suffering and ill patients who wanted to stop their 10–15 year old medication and get healthy. The COVID-19 pandemic gave chill in spine of many people with weak immunity, lungs, kidney, heart and worry of getting the virus but she has provided free consultation on how to improve health and free immunity booster diet tips with which thousands of people have been benefited during 10 months of high-risk pandemic time.


The year 2020 became worst year of life for billions of people around the world but nothing has stopped her from providing nutritional support and free diet via her social media channels, facebook and youtube.


Her education, skills, experience, passion and willingness of improving health conditions of ill people, back in 2012 she joined Cardio Neuro Center (CNC) to work on bigger research project before working at Human Nutrition Department of AIIMS, New Delhi.

It was her inclination towards holistic health and wellness of human being motivated to start working in this direction when she moved to work with private organizations providing services in alternative medicine and health management. When she observed an urgent need of a therapeutic nutritional supervised health and wellness programs she did not know that one day she will have her own 2000 sqft clinic setup in the capital of India, New Delhi.


In 2016, she founded Body n Health Education & Research Foundation, promoting healthcare including preventive healthcare, social welfare, education, research, charity, public health or any such other objects. The wellness center undertake preventive healthcare treatments, promote education on risks from overweight, obesity, improve nutritional value, primary prevention of cancer and other non-communicable diseases occur due to obesity. It provides and identifies low-cost indigenous technologies to undertake obesity treatments, Lipolysis procedures, body contouring, body sculpting, aesthetic procedures and ayurvedic treatments for public health.


The need of this hour is to change the lifestyle and eating habits of people to make everyone a healthy being therefore Smita Karan is best dietitian in Delhi/ NCR contributing in making India a healthy Nation.

Smita Karan best dietitian in Delhi NCR