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Heat-related illness, who will be affected?

The Problem

Heat illnesses range from mild to severe and heat stroke can be deadly. If once body is overheated with high temperature may results bumps on skin, muscle spasms, headache, dizziness, nausea or a number of other symptoms. Most common heat-related illnesses are heat rash, heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

The report says?

According to news report, the health ministry has asked states and district authorities to share daily surveillance report of heat-related illness with National Centre for Disease Control. Also, urged states and UTs to review their health facility preparedness for availability of adequate quantities of essential medicines and all necessary equipment while ensuring sufficient drinking water and continued functioning of cooling appliances in critical areas.

Who will be affected?

Anyone can get a heat illness, but the risk is higher for:

· Babies and young children

· Seniors 65 and older

· Overweight people

· People who exercise or work outdoors

· People who have a condition like heart disease or high blood pressure

· People who take certain meds, like drugs for depression or insomnia

What is Preventive Healthcare?

Dietitian Smita Karan, Founder-Body n Health Education & Research Foundation, said, “Preventive health for us is to use recognized proactive health screenings, counseling and treatments to prevent future illness.” Further she said, “We can prevent any illness in many ways, one of them is to take balance nutritional diet and imbibe healthy eating habits.”

The Diet

Suggested items may be included in daily consumption like fruit smoothie, coconut water, thandai, shikanji, aam panna, lemon water, stone fruit juice, jowar and chana Sattu as liquid items and fruit, vegetable and sprout salad. For details diet you may consult your family dietitian to prevent heat related illness.

What BHER foundation is doing?

Continue efforts to promote healthcare including preventive healthcare, social welfare, education, research, charity, public health or any such other objects.

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