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Diet for Covid-19 patient

Take this Diet to recover fast and boost immunity even during quarantine!

New Delhi: 23 April 2021: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic is very dangerous for human civilization and this is the time to share our capabilities in maximum capacity of helping everyone around us. Founder of Body N Health Wellness, Therapeutic Dietitian Smita Karan has shared diet for corona infected patient which includes protective food, body building food and energy giving food for complete wellness.

High Protein: Requirement of protein in the body of an infected person increases more than normal for protection from Covid-19 infection and fast recovery. 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram according to body weight is needed. Infected person can use double toned milk, homemade yogurt, cottage cheese, rasgulla, whole pulses, sprouted moong, moong dal, beans, peas, soybean and rajma.

High carbohydrate: Due to fever, the infected person gets very tired and weak, for which digestible substances like oats, semolina kheer, uttapam, upma, idli, oatmeal, white rasgulla and fruits which provide more energy must be eaten.

Fruits and Vegetables: Fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber, folate, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins are very important for fast recovery. 400 grams of vegetables and 200 grams of fruits daily can fulfill the requirement. Infected person should eat apple, papaya, melon, orange, pomegranate, kiwi, pineapple, amla, grape, strawberry and lemon along with intake of green vegetables, salad and soups.

Liquids: Body of infected person with coronavirus gets dehydrated fast which means water and fluids leave the body rather than entering and to get the infection out of the body, it is necessary to start intake 3 liters of lukewarm water and 1 liter of celery water or lemon water or cumin water daily till recovery.

Anti-oxidant: In order to make body of the infected person work effectively, fruits and dry fruits should be eaten to fulfill the requirement of antioxidants, this helps to complete the deficiency of selenium, zinc, magnesium and other important nutrients. Use soaked almonds, almond milk, coconut milk, walnuts, dry grapes, pumpkin seeds and makhana.

Immunity Booster: To boost immunity fast, use spices like basil leaf, garlic, ginger, black pepper, dry ginger, turmeric powder, star anise, cinnamon and liquorice. These ingredients contain anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties that destroy phlegm and enhance easy recovery from Coronavirus infection.

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