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Women approaching 30: How do you get rid of cellulite?

Cellulite dimples affect Body n Health
Cellulite dimples on thighs, legs, buttocks and other areas of the lower body.

Understanding what is cellulite, why it forms and how to get rid of cellulite dimples on thighs, legs, buttocks and other areas of the lower body.

What Is Cellulite and What Causes It?

In women, the fat and skin are attached by Septae that pulls the skin straight down, the more fat in that area, the more tension on the skin, causes dimples of cellulite: skin being pulled down by the fat sitting underneath it.

According to the author of The Cellulite Cure, Dr. Lionel Bassoon believes that the combination of unhealthy diets, less exercise, and (believe it or not) tighter underwear have all contributed to the soaring rates of cellulite in women over the last 50 years.

Poor diet and lack of exercise are the major causes which explain the production of cellulite on the thighs, buttocks or on other areas. Machine based procedures, eating right and physical exercise are ways to fight cellulite.

Lower estrogen production decreases blood circulation in the legs, thighs and butt, which decreases collagen in those areas. This also occurs when fat cells become larger. Due to that, bigger fat cells are able to push through the natural layer of collagen and show themselves as cellulite, sometimes as severe cellulite.

The bad news is that permanent cellulite removal isn’t possible, but it can be reduced if you change your diet and exercise routine.

Cellulite treatment at Body n Health
Difference between Normal pattern and Cellulite pattern

Cellulite or Cellulitis, confused?

Cellulitis is not the same as cellulite. It is a relatively common, non-contagious infection of the skin and the tissues underneath it, caused by bacteria and usually seen in middle-aged and older people. Cellulitis is not a cellulite infection, even though it occurs in the same general area; it is treated with antibiotics.

Cellulite Treatments that Work

1– Mesotherapy and Laser treatment

2– Cellulite treatments with painless machines

3– Treatment with Natural remedies

4– Surgery

5– Cellulite reducing cream and lotions

6– Cellulite pills and supplements

7– Use of caffeine for cellulite treatment

Is it Possible to Reduce Cellulite Fast?

Cellulite is fat, which doesn’t just disappear overnight. You can’t just take a supplement or lather on cream to get rid of cellulite. The only real way to reduce cellulite fast is through cellulite removal treatments like Mesotherapy, laser and machines treatments which actually makes the fat out of your body.

Exercise to Reduce Cellulite

Workout sessions three times a week may be the best way to lose cellulite permanently, along with diet and lifestyle changes.

Some of the best cellulite reduction exercises are Squats, lunges, kickbacks, inner-leg lifts, side lifts, V-leg and Pulls.

Cellulite and Diet

Diet is one of the best ways to cut down that unwanted stored fat and including cellulite under the skin. Eating healthy diet is a big factor to get rid of cellulite problem.

We suggest a personalized diet plan and techniques for cellulite treatment. In addition

Green tea:

It speeds up metabolism while stimulating the release of stored fat and you may need to drink at least three or four cups a day.

Whole grains:

Whole-grain cereal, brown rice and Poha all keep you from snacking because they make you feel full, and their fibre content also helps in reducing fat absorption and deposition.


All seasonal vegetables are good including broccoli which contains a substance known as alpha lipoic which is best for cellulite because it stops the body’s collagen from hardening into cellulite.

– Fruits:

Oranges are rich in Vitamin C and have lots of methoxylated bioflavonoid which improves circulation in legs and as antioxidents helps a lot.


Detoxing your body is crucial when trying to lose stubborn fat like cellulite; leg or butt fat stores can benefit from intake of 1 liter/ 20 kg of body weight/day.

Lasers and Machines to Cure Cellulite

One of the most effective, costly and painful laser cellulite treatments is an FDA-approved procedure known as Cellulaze, which cuts the Septae that cause skin dimpling and then melts the fat underneath your skin. You can see actual results in a month and see major changes within six months.

Some physicians use a painless cellulite reduction machine of a different sort. One category of these machines uses energy from radio waves, while another type of anti-cellulite machine uses high-intensity sound waves. Some studies have shown treatment with an alternative cellulite removal machine to be moderately effective.

Natural remedies for cellulite

Cellulite removal at home may or may not help you with those aggravating skin dimples but here are some help:

Coconut oil:

This supposedly tightens the skin while cleansing toxins.

Apple cider vinegar:

Water and honey are added to the vinegar and rubbed on the skin, which is then rinsed with water as a way of getting rid of cellulite naturally.

Rub tomato paste on your skin:

It will stop your skin’s collagen from breaking down, because tomatoes are rich in Lycopene.


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